Breaking news: USA is not a part of Europe anymore…

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Having dealt with “Anti-Americanism” in the last few days, I want to start my blog with an analysis of the european (especially the german) “Anti-Americanism” and where it does come from…

Let´s imagine I was writing for a european paper and starting an article with the headline you can read above – everybody would have a good laugh at me arround here – everybody KNOWS, that the US is no longer a british colony and that it is a seperate nation…

But the question I want to ask with this: Have the europeans really realized, that the history, culture and evolution of the USA is different to ours?

The first three things many europeans will critizise, or even attack, when thinking about the USA are: patriotism, religiosity and capitalism

Most of them are ready to ignore the fact, that the US has another experience with these three terms, than the europeans have – for this reason: let´s simply start with comparing.

Patriotism: Many europeans – and especially the german people – think patriotism (as shown by the citizens of the USA) is sick and dangerous… why?

Europe is consisting of several, sepperate nations, which (traditionally) fought each other (and fortunately have stopped it!) – european national pride often gave birth to terrible and devastating wars between these nations.

The germans are (one could say) in fact – afraid of showing national pride. The last time a german could show his national pride in the public, was during the reign of Adolf Hitler… national pride (“Nationalstolz”) in germany – and in many other european countries – is more or less linked with WW2 and depending on the nation it is invoking different feelings…

A german who says, that he´s proud on germany, will be called a nazi by many other germans…

A british or french person, (for example) is able to express national pride, but when this exceeds a certain level, he will be compared to the nazis in germany…

The following is important to know, when thinking about “patriotism” in europe. People in europe are also “patriotic” to a certain degree, but this is always linked to the european collective trauma of WW1, WW2 and several other wars. (As european nationalism/patriotism is in fact often linked to hegemonic dreams.)

Also many europeans got the impression, that the american patriotism knows no limits… Many believe, that americans are that proud on their nation, that only few are ready to realize the mistakes of their nation and that the US citizens would support ANY action of their government… just as the people in nazi-germany did. And this is more or less exactly what europeans are critizising while talking of american patriotism.

Here my question comes in… Did europeans realise, that the experience of the american people with patriotism is another one than ours?

I don´t think so… please correct me, if I´m wrong about that! I don´t want to do any finger-pointing here. (actually I would have to point at myself)

But it´s important to realise this: The basic experience of the USA as a nation is, that it had to fight for it´s freedom and independence (against Britain) and later in the american civil war… For this reason their believe in the USA and the strong patriotism of the american citizens are an expression of their pride, that they have survived and did not brake appart, and also on their strong believe in freedom and independence their fathers have fought for – and the strong believe that the USA is standing for these two qualities.

Listen to the lyrics of the national-antheme of the USA, it is all about this. Many americans support their country, because it is asuring their freedom. Many americans support the US-troops, because the troops are defending their country and the USA gained it´s freedom through war….

You may allow me to say… It is not that dumb to support your countries troops – it consists of your people and is fighting for your values and interests. (Let´s say – it should fight for your values and interests…)

It´s as simple as that – they did not experience, suppression by nationalists, a military dictatorship, or the shocking damages we suffered during the big wars.

Another thought on american patriotism: The USA is proud to be a sepperate and independend nation – it is proud, that it has become a wealthy and strong country (the europeans predicted, that america would brake appart in anarchy and chaos) and it is proud to be the oldest democracy on this planet, that still exists…

Things one can actually be proud on. There IS a form of healthy and honest patriotism in the USA, which you should be careful to critizise. (some overdo it – but extremists are standart in human societies.) Be sure, that you understand what you are up to, before loading your weapons…

my message for this point:

American patriotism is completly different to european nationalism!


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